Hardscape Lighting

integrate outdoor lighting at any stage

Lighting can dramatically enhance hardscape features such as patios, pools, and stone walls. The question is, when should you have it installed? It makes most sense to install this type of lighting during the construction.

If you already have a patio, seating wall, or other hardscape feature, it is not too late to add lighting. Most existing features can be retrofitted, without looking like an afterthought.

Hardscaping Lighting
Our approach to hardscape lighting will depend on its integration in your overall design. For example, after sunset, well chosen stairway lights can be a stunning first impression, pooling soft light for sure footing. Directing hardscape light downward adds discreet lighting under railings, seating around your firepit, in outdoor kitchen areas, on raised beds and planters. We may use accent lighting to highlight a garden sculpture or retaining wall. Hardscape lighting will add style to your pool and the area around it. Many creative options are available to light your hardscaping and make it fit seamlessly within the lighting theme for your home and landscaping.
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