Security Lighting

feel safe in your own home at night

Outdoor lighting has the potential to deter burglars and reduce crime against your home and property. The key is providing enough light so you can see and identify people who approach your home at night or your neighbors and passersby can see them.

It is a combination of light and an increased chance of the criminal being seen that must work together. You can create an extra layer of security through a connection between lights that are permanently on, the use of timers and motion activated lights.

Entrance Security Lighting
Where do you need to increase visibility?
Burglary experts say permanently "on" lights are effective at night. Light at the entrance door is a practical necessity for operating and answering the door or seeing any approaches. Lighting a garage door, side driveway, side entrance door and parking area is recommended. Light above a gated entrance may deter climb-over activity. Well planned outdoor lighting can work together with security systems to protect your home and property.
Timers and Motion Lighting
Make your home appear occupied when you are away. Use timers to turn outdoor landscape lighting on at night and off at daybreak, and to effectively control interior lights. Outside your home, light up dark exterior corners with motion-activated lights. These can deter a would-be trespasser who thinks a person has switched on the light. Thoughtful and preventative planning can work alongside your desire for security, aesthetics and curb appeal.
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