Accent Lighting


What would you like to showcase in your lighting theme? Accent lighting is ideal for drawing attention to the unique architectural features of your home, individual trees, plants or any object you would like to feature.

Accent lighting incorporates both up and down lighting to achieve focus on one thing at a time. This lighting technique draws the eye to key parts of your property and architecture.

Accent Your House
Accent lighting reinforces architectural design aesthetics, emphasizing shapes, textures, finishes and colors. The key is to accent this visual interest with light more precise and of a higher intensity than the surrounding ambient light, revealing the shape and style of the structure. When you have a beautiful home, accentuate architectural features in your nightscape.
Highlighting Trees
Trees are often an impressive feature in landscaping, and they help define the extent of your property both horizontally and vertically. Special trees or plantings may be magnificent focal points in your outdoor lighting design.
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