Pathway Lighting

Lead Friends and Family Safely to Your Door

Pathway lighting borders walkways, driveways, steps and patios, allowing you to walk safely at night. Beautiful and functional pathway lighting is usually staggered to avoid the runway look,

showing the way without overpowering other landscaping and architectural features. Lights are placed strategically to illuminate at night while blending into the landscape during the daylight.

Invite Guests to Enjoy Your Nightscape
Evenings are prime-time for entertaining and at night, lighting is essential for guiding people safely along your home and garden pathways. Illuminating and defining edges where the garden or grass meet walkways can prevent missteps. Lighting at the entrance to a driveway and along its borders, provides visual clues to any obstacles or changes of direction. Step lighting is not only practical, but an attractive way of bringing depth and the interplay of shadows to your landscape. Creating a safe, festive atmosphere with the use of outdoor lighting will impress guests from the minute they pull up to your house!
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