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lighting design, installation & service

The best way we can answer your questions about our landscape lighting services is to show you the effects a well-designed landscape lighting system can provide. We will meet with you, review your property and set up a free no obligation demonstration. When you see

it for yourself, the difference between a poor system and professionally designed system becomes clear. Each opportunity we get to provide a new way for a home owner to enjoy their property at night from inside and out gives us tremendous personal satisfaction.

Landscape Lighting Design
Many factors impact a lighting design such as budget, personal preferences, security and safety, to name a few. When we understand what you want, we take a look at your property and determine the best way to provide an outdoor lighting system that will meet your needs. A good design can transform your property into a night time oasis, create warmth during long Northwest winters, in addition to adding safety and security. A designed illumination for your landscaping will give you enjoyment and appreciation of your property for years to come.
Installation of Lighting Systems
There are codes and regulations that apply to the installation of both line and low voltage landscape lighting. In some cases, an electrical permit is required. We are a licensed electrical contractor and are (06) limited energy certified. Our installation techniques are very non-invasive, the wire is installed approximately 6” below grade with little disruption to the landscape. Most of our lighting systems take less than a week to install from start to finish.
Service to Extend the Life of Your Lighting System
Follow up routine maintenance is important to get the most from your lighting system. Fixtures will need cleaning, foliage trimmed and lamps replaced. As your landscape changes, it may be necessary to relocate the existing fixtures and/or add additional. We like to service our accounts three times per year with routine maintenance. Due to the life rating of standard lamps, we recommend a complete re-lamp every two years. With the extended life ratings of LED lighting systems we can extend the re-lamp out to 6-7 years.
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