Low Voltage Lighting

the safe way to light up your night

Landscape lighting is one of the most common applications for low-voltage lighting systems. Low voltage uses both 12 volt AC & DC current, which is much safer than its 120 volt AC counterpart. Since the residential landscape will deal with water and metal-based tools for

gardening, low voltage is the safer option. Low voltage landscape lighting products allow much more flexibility of placement, lamp options and fixture styles. Low voltage underground wire installations are less disruptive to your landscape.

Halogen/Xenon Lamps or LED for Landscape Lighting?
HALOGEN: Halogen lamps provide a good quality light at a low initial cost, but will consume more energy compared to LED, and due to their lamp life will require replacement on an average of every couple years.
LED: In the past LED has been associated with producing a cold blueish color tone, but with the advancement of technology and its application in the landscape lighting arena, LED can now produce a warm soft tone. LED consumes much less energy and will last much longer than halogens, reducing the maintenance costs and extending the re-lamp range to 5-7 years. The tradeoff is the increased cost of the initial investment; however, in the long run, the energy savings and life ratings of the LED option will pay off.
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