Lighting Color Tone

cool bright whites to warm yellows

Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment is nothing short of magic. In the past, LED lighting has been associated with a cool industrial look; however, we can now get the same warm light tones as we get with halogens.

Advancements in LED technology now offer us the design options of different color tones. We can create color themes made up of a single color or a variety of colors within the same group theme.

Decisions Affecting Your Outdoor Lighting Design
One of the secrets of landscape lighting is the illusion; lighting that appears to be natural, that feels natural, yet in reality is created by the skillful placement and aiming of artificial light. Professionals spend many years mastering lighting techniques to produce beautiful and effective designs. For example, some of the considerations include light direction, coverage, beam angle, light source, light type and lamp life, all choices that play a part in your unique outdoor lighting design.
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